App Store Stats

Current State of Mobile App Application Downloads

Through the Mobile App Dissemination Committee, we are keeping track of institutional mobile apps analytics for both the Apple and Google App Stores.

The numbers above represent the application downloads YTD for all applications in the Mount Sinai Health System and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai branded mobile app store accounts. Through the stewardship, creativity and productivity of internal stakeholders, we have more than doubled 2020's download counts.

With the publication of MyMountSinai, the Mount Sinai Health System branded MyChart app for patients, the institution now has a true flagship app in the the Apple and the Google Play App Stores. While the enterprise had already surpassed the last few years of tracked downloads in 2021, MyMountSinai has really put the enterprise delivery of applications over the top. The number of downloads for this one app alone has surpassed 104K since August 15th when it debuted.