Mobile App Dissemination Committee

As use of digital technology to improve health and wellness increases, the Mobile Application Executive Committee ensures all Health System apps are relevant to their target audience, user-friendly, and support our brand. The Committee reviews all Health System and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai apps to provide guidance and oversees adding apps to the appropriate mobile app store. If you have any questions, email

Intake Process

Send all communications to Submissions should be made when the app is being conceptualized or as early as possible to ensure that the mobile app meets Mount Sinai’s standards.

Step 1 – Strategic Review

    • All apps must have an executive sponsor.

    • New app developers must submit a new Mobile Application Intake Request, along with wireframes for apps.

    • The Committee will review strategic rationale and proposed user experience and provide guidance. The Committee may ask follow-up questions to understand fit to strategy, the user need addressed by the app, user experience, data architecture, measurable outcomes, marketing and promotional plan, etc.

    • Timing: Request receipt acknowledged within 2 days; Feedback within 30 days.

Step 2 – User Experience/Brand Look and Feel Review(s)

    • App developers submit New Apps Design Packet: App owner/stakeholder must share user experience/brand look and feel with the Committee early in the process to ensure the final design is aligned with our brand.

    • The Committee is happy to look at apps at multiple points in the development process to ensure development is aligned with branding.

    • Timing: Feedback within five days.

Step 3 – Final Approval

    • The Committee must give final approval before app is added to ISMMS/MSHS app stores

Step 4 – Add App to MSHS App Stores

    • Apps will not be placed into either the MSHS or ISMMS store unless they have been approved by the Committee

    • Access to the App Store for the purpose of setup and deployment will be handled by the App Store License Managers

    • All internal Apple Enterprise license applications will need to be installed in the MSHS account

    • App owners with existing applications in the MSHS and ISMMS accounts will be able to update existing accounts without Committee involvement at this time. However, they will need to send emails about pending releases to the App Store License Managers and the committee members.

    • MSHS and ISMMS App Store License Managers will not be responsible for the following application services:

      • Support

      • Maintenance

      • Analytics reporting

Brand Guidelines

Those interested in creating a mobile app should first visit the Mount Sinai Brand Center to review the mobile app brand guidelines (must sign in to view).

The guidelines detail the standards for logo usage as well as the appropriate fonts, colors, and other elements.


Please email your questions to